FICCI CMSME Credit Advisory Center (CAC) at FICCI for FICCI-CMSME Members

One of the foremost challenges faced by MSMEs is lack of credit availability at right time and right cost. Keeping in mind the important role played by Indian MSMEs in the economic growth and with a view to enhance financial literacy, create awareness of various schemes and financing options for MSMEs, FICCI-CMSME has set-up Credit Advisory Center (CAC) at FICCI, New Delhi.

The objective of CAC is to

  1. Provide consultancy & advisory services to eligible and viable MSMEs.
  2. Address several challenges in obtaining credit viz. financial literacy, guidance in formulation of good business plan and forecast, familiarity with lender's need for structured information.
  3. Provide focused approach to address challenges of members-particular attention to facilitate flow of adequate and timely credit to MSME – debt counseling, escort services, etc.
  4. Guide new/ existing entrepreneurs regarding availability of schemes of SIDBI/ commercial banks.
  5. Inform MSMEs of Govt. subsidy / benefits.
  6. Facilitate response to queries raised by banks etc.
  7. Similar support could be extended in the area of rehabilitation of viable units.

CAC is manned by our knowledge Partner (KP) who is a senior retired banker with relevant background in credit delivery process and will play a focused role in CACs. The KP visits FICCI HQ every Tuesday from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm.

All these services provided by KP to FICCI-CMSME members are free.

Click here for some of the Schemes offered by SIDBI

For further details please get in touch with the FICCI- CMSME secretariat.