Online advertising is a way to promote your business and find new customers. Having a presence on the Internet and advertising online can help ensure people find your business.

Online advertising creates untapped avenues for MSMEs where the cost of acquiring traffic is extremely cheap and you can reach a wider set of audience. You will be able to advertise Internationally or in any parts of India while based out of home. The medium is so effective that many advertisers are completely shutting down their TV & Newspaper ads to switch to online ads.

You can drive traffic to your website through popular mediums, such as Google, Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter, and then convert them to leads.

Why Advertise Online

  • Reach: The number of Internet users has increased from 4 Crores in 2006 to 13 crores in 2013. Online advertising allows you to reach a much wider relevant audience than most traditional mediums.
  • Time Spent on Different Medias: Compared to TV & Newspapers more time is spent on the Internet.
  • Customer Buying Decision Process: Every business is now researched online and reviews are read online before the buying decision is made.
  • Cost Effectiveness: It is prohibitively expensive for SMBs to advertise on Televisions and Radio. And any of the offline channels poses problems with track-ability. With Online advertising, on the other hand, every rupee spent can be not only tracked but your budget is spent only when a response is generated.
  • Targeted Advertising: Online Advertising is very targeted, unlike traditional advertising, to show ads only to the most relevant users.
  • Control: With Online Advertising, you can control the leads, the volume of traffic and your ad messaging at any time, unlike any other traditional medium.

Exclusive Benefits to CMSME Members

  • Ads Launched in 30 minutes: When it comes to business, time is really money and we make sure we don’t waste any of yours.
  • Zero Effort Account Management: Launch your ads and forget. You work on converting the incoming leads. Our automated platform works on reducing the cost of each lead for you. With us, you do not need any in-house advertising expert.
  • Lowest CPCs in the industry: Our expertise and our automated approach to account management have been delivering lowest CPCs in the industry. You are really in the safest hands.
  • Assured Results: We are so confident about what we do, that we guarantee you a specific number of clicks before you start and deliver the same without fail.
  • Performance Dashboard: Log in to your personal dashboard to track everything from clicks, to performing keywords, to top ads, to cost and details of each lead and more. You don’t have to wait for an account manager to share that info with you. And we know you hate doing that anyways.
  • Automated Notifications: We know that you are busy and hence we share important account updates (budgets, clicks, leads, performance etc.) with you via Email and SMS.
  • Call Tracking: Whether a customer fills a form on your website or decides to pick up the phone and call you, we keep a track of all your incoming leads and make sure you miss none of it.
  • 10% Cash Back: Instead of charging a monthly-fee or a commission, we give you 10% of your money back in your account every time you recharge your account. Use it whenever you recharge the next time.

For any information required / query you may contact FICCI- CMSME secretariat.