There are four categories of members namely

  • Patron Members – Shall be any Consultancy Firm, Chambers of Commerce, Trade and Industry Associations, a Firm or a company - who are MSMES or interested in the objects of the MSMES can join as Patron member.

  • Organization Members – Shall be any Indian Chambers of Commerce, Trade and Industry Association or a Export-Import Organisation or other similar organizations can join as Organisation member.

  • Associate Members – Shall be any Consultancy firms, Companies, Partnership firms etc. interested in the MSMEs or engaged in/concerned with sectors related to or affiliated to MSMEs or other activities allied to MSMEs can join as Associate member.

  • Honorary Members- Shall be persons distinguished in the fields of MSMEs or any other specialised field having relation to the MSMEs or otherwise interested in aims and objects of the Confederation may be Co-opted by the Executive Committee of the Confederation. Honorary Members shall be exempt from payment of subscription.

Decisions as to the interpretation of the qualifications for membership shall be within the discretion of the Executive Committee hereinafter referred to and the Executive Committee may refuse any application after assigning reason or may admit the applicant to the membership of the Confederation.

For further details please get in touch with the FICCI- CMSME secretariat.